Rails Girls Summer of Code

Have a look at our Ideas List for 2019, if you haven't already. Here we will give you the information you need to get involved. 

To Apply:

Let us know you would like to work with us by completing our Summer of Code form and let us know a bit about you. We'll invite you to join our Slack channel so you can start engaging with our team.

Ensure you let us know what idea you might like to help develop, or indeed if you have a new idea you would like to discuss. 

We welcome students to show initiative, clearly consider their approach to a project and to begin sharing suggestions and ideas. You are certainly not limited to the projects on the Ideas List.. 

You can find more information about participating in Rails Girls Summer of Code on their website.

Our Technology and Way of Working

We use a range of technology here, however Ruby on Rails and MongoDB are the core web frameworks for development across both FreeREG and FreeCEN. We generally only use Python for machine learning.

We use Github and an Agile way of working, operating in 2-week sprints. We recommend having at least some experience with Rails / Ruby projects before applying and you will need access to reliable internet (we have no offices, all work remotely).