Good First Issue Volunteer

Getting involved with helping out on our projects is simple; have a go at something on our waffle boards with a ‘Good First Issue’ label:

If you would like to pick up an issue without the ‘good first issue’ tag in the Product Backlog, please assign it to yourself (if unassigned) or ask the assigned person if you may take it on.

We are flexible on experience and skills, although we expect a volunteer to have some background and/or training (could be online courses or boot-camps) in the area they wish to help out with e.g. in web development, testing, coding, SEO or analytics (as is appropriate).

We very much welcome volunteers of all levels and look to tailor ‘good first issues’ as entry-level tasks which can, if desired, give access to more complex projects. Jump in and see what you would like to do.

If you are a coder and wish to get more involved beyond ‘good first issues’, please do fill in our Tech Volunteer Application form and we can look to get you more involved, including adding you to our Slack community. Note that we do mostly use Ruby On Rails and MongoDB, alongside HTML/CSS etc.

Signing up to Github is easy and is almost always required to be involved with our projects (or to login and comment on stories). Go to to begin the process and once signed up, you can then start contributing to our GitHub projects. Be sure to view the and