Vote (rumour correction)

There is a rumour that Free UK Genealogy is taking a vote from volunteers and users of our websites (FreeBMD, FreeCEN and FreeREG) as to whether the sites should remain free, or should be behind a paywall.  This is simply not true.  

There is no vote: the sites will remain free.

Free UK Genealogy is a charity set up to achieve, and committed to 

  • the free provision of high quality transcriptions and (where possible) images of records of genealogical significance, 
  • the development of tools to support community transcription, and 
  • other activities that promote making family and wider history records available under open data formats.  

We generate sufficient funds for our day-to-day expenses from banner advertising and the kind donations - often in small amounts - from users of our websites.  Of course, we would always like more money - to improve our existing projects and develop new ones, to support community transcription and to more widely make historical records available to all, for free. Please get in touch if you have ideas for projects or partnerships that you would like us to consider.

There are a number of ways you can support us, and help the future development of Free UK Genealogy. 

  • You can donate (if you don't already do so).
  • You can spread the news about our projects, bringing them to the attention of those who would love to know we may have the information they are looking for.
  • If you buy online (e.g. groceries, books, electronics) please consider signing up for our Easy Fundraising page.  You will only pay what you normally do on your online shopping, but we will be given a small amount, at no extra cost to you.  Easy Fundraising will prompt you, when you visit a website which is part of the scheme (or when you do a search, that a result is part of the scheme).
  • You can volunteer in one of a number of roles - from transcribing to programming in Ruby, to working on social media campaigns.  This includes the opportunity to be a Trustee, or provide your professional knowledge through our new advisory board.