• What Word Should Replace "Transcriptions"?

    Update: We changed the link to "Records" in November 2020

    A few months ago, we asked in our newsletter for suggestions to replace the hyperlinked word "TRANSCRIPTIONS" on our website as it doesn't fully communicate what we want it to: 

    In the redevelopment of the FreeBMD interface (FreeBMD2), we want to standardise our terminology to provide consistency across all of our websites. Each of the sister projects has an area where we provide information on the data we've transcribed, and what places, churches or districts, registers or volumes are included. This is being extended on FreeREG to include what we would like to transcribe if we could get the images, what gaps exist in the transcriptions and why, and where we cannot provide results because of embargoes imposed by an organisation. This is currently called COVERAGE on FreeBMD, and has been known on FreeCEN (up until recently) as DATABASE COVERAGE. We've also tried DATABASE and CONTENTS.

    Currently, we're using TRANSCRIPTIONS in the menu bar (see image above) but this doesn't convey the entirety of what this area contains, i.e. places, gaps etc. We're struggling to decide on a 'one-word-fits all' solution, so we would really like to hear your ideas and opinions.

    We've narrowed down the responses to three potential words, and now we're asking you, our volunteers, to vote for your choice in our poll, below.

    bike tracks