Google AdExchange Volunteer

Help us make a successful start with AdExchange

Do you have hands on experience of techniques used to support online advertising operations and metrics? We are a charity that gets 95% of its funds from Google AdSense, and we are looking to move to AdExchange. Initially we are looking for someone with experience of setting up AdExchange, and longer term, we are looking for help with optimising our income from AdExchange.  Could you help make our charity more financially sustainable by becoming our new volunteer AdExchange Manager, either in the short, or long term?

Tasks include:

Short term:

  • Provide advice on moving to AdExchange
  • Set up our new trading company as an AdExchange publisher, and our new site FreeCEN2 ( to serve AdExchange adverts

Longer term:

  • Analyse performance as an AdExchange publisher, and make suggestions for improvements
  • Work to find the optimal size and placement for ads on our websites
  • Work with other members of the Digital Marketing team (e.g. Analytics Volunteer, SEO volunteer to maximise our income, and the use made of our websites)

Suggested time requirement:

Approx. 2 hours per week in the long term, but the set-up period could be more time-demanding. Includes occasional online meetings.